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Our Team

Jason Fair

Jason Fair

Nick Coticchia

Nick Coticchia

Cameron Chaplin

Cameron Chaplin

Cleber Roberto Dos Santos

Cleber dos Santos

Head of IT Delivery and Digital Transformation, LATAM
Beth Hatter

Beth Hatter

Agile Training Lead
Bruna Navarro

Bruna Navarro

Enterprise Solutions
Delivery Lead
Mark Block - Formal.jpg

Mark Block

SAP Concur Delivery Lead
J.D. Weiman

J.D. Weiman

Proposal and Capture Lead
Alex Marshall - Formal.jpg

Alex Marshall

Business Development
Lawson S.jpg

Lawson Stover

Manager of
Business Operations
Jamillah Smith - Formal.jpg

Jamillah Smith

Corporate Controller
Pawan Varma

Pawan Varma

CMS Lead
Donna Snyder - Formal.jpg

Donna Snyder

Agile Delivery Manager
Nancy Jaykowski - Formal.jpg

Nancy Jaykowski

SAP Concur Lead
Solution Architect
James Pasco - Formal.jpg

James Pasco

Senior Consultant
Mere A.jpg

Mere Antonelli

Senior Recruiter

Elizabeth Spicer

Senior Recruiter
Nick Samuels

Nick Samuels

Accounting Manager
Daniela Santos - Formal.jpg

Daniela Santos

Manager of Business
Operations, LATAM
Flávia Preti - Formal.jpg

Flávia Preti

Senior Recruiter, LATAM
Gabrielle Menezes - Formal.jpg

Gabrielle Menezes

Administrative Assistant,
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