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"Blessed be the same sun of other lands for making all men my brothers."

― Alberto Caeiro

Daniela Santos

Manager of Business Operations, LATAM

Daniela joined Genesis Consulting Partners in 2021 as the Manager of Business Operations in Latin America supporting numerous initiatives from recruiting to accounting, marketing, and more. She is excited to bring her proactive style and expertise in operations to the firm, and  feels at home working with Team Genesis.

For 10+ years, Daniela has been working with companies that wanted to set up their business in Brazil. With her previous experience in international business relations, Daniela offered advisory services, provided quotes, step-by-step procedures, and managed all supplier relations until the company was fully stablished in the country.

In 2015, Daniela started her own company organizing cultural events such as concerts, plays and projects funded by city, state and federal government. While the business was a success, she realized being an entrepreneur was risky and learned a lot about how to manage and grow a small business. Daniela enjoyed over 6 years of success and challenges in the events industry but decided make a change in 2021 to achieve a better work-life balance when she joined Genesis.

In her spare time, Daniela enjoys spending time with her family, taking care of her plants, listening to music and taking a few moments to work on self-reflection.

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