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Pawan Varma

CMS Lead

Pawan Varma is Genesis’ lead at the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services, plus a Senior Agile and SAFe coach.  With over 30 years of IT experience, including 13 years in government, in all aspects of successful project delivery, he brings a strong base of knowledge and experience to our team.

Pawan has a significant technical background, having spent more than half of his career as an Oracle specialist, working as a developer, database administrator, Oracle CASE, and Oracle Financials techno-functional consultant.

Pawan’s true passion, and the core reason for his success, is in building exceptional teams.  As a Project Manager, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach, he has demonstrated a unique, natural ability to bring out the best in people and within teams.  He has used this ability to turn around several multi-million dollar projects, saving his clients significant amounts of money and time, and protecting them from legal jeopardy.  He builds trust relationships with every client he works with, and he has a history of helping clients to build super-performing teams.

Having worked with some of the largest organizations in the world on highly visible projects, Pawan understands the needs of senior and executive managers.  He has delivered strategy papers and cost/benefit analyses, helped create portfolio-level IT roadmaps, and coached C-level executives in terms of successfully leading Agile and other transformations.

He has been implementing Agile values and principles since 1996 and has successfully coached dozens of teams transitioning from waterfall to Agile practices.  His teams have recorded productivity increases as high as 200% and time-to-market reductions of as much as 30%.  The benefit to Pawan's clients has been in the hundreds of millions of dollars due to their teams becoming more successful.

Pawan lives in Maryland and loves learning new things, discovering new foods, and helping people become better.  Whether it's youth groups, young entrepreneurs, or just people looking to improve their lives, he gets great satisfaction from seeing someone become stronger and better.  

"A smile is the great equalizer."

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