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Genesis has developed a Coach Enablement Framework
to align coaching activities with desired outcomes and

Agile transformation objectives.

Just like a professional football team needs experienced coaches to guide the team to a winning season, Agile teams need coaches to elevate team performance to the next level.  While training can provide a great foundation for team members, coaching is often the most effective way of helping a team achieve business agility goals and objectives.

Our Agile Coaches will work on site with your Individuals, Teams, Programs, Portfolios and/or your entire Enterprise and will customize their coaching approach to meet your desired outcomes.

Our coaches work with your teams to provide guidance in developing the direction your teams need to go and make recommendations on the best way to get there.  We help Individuals understand their specific roles and responsibilities and coach them into becoming a high performing team member.

Our coaches are experts in their fields - having authored books, presented at national and global conferences.  Our coaches are experts in Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe methods and have hands-on practical experience that they bring to their teams.

Our goal, is to coach individuals and teams to be proficient in a short time frame so they are enabled to be self-reliant.

Genesis Coach Enablement Framework:

The core of our framework is focused on the Team and leverages an Integral View of Agile Team Health as adapted from the Agile Coaching Institute and Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory.

The core of our approach is based on assessing four perspectives to coach teams to effective outcomes. These perspectives include:


  • Individual Mindsets and Engagement (I)

  • Practices, Competencies, and Roles (IT)

  • Cultural, Relationships, Vision (WE)

  • Systems, Products, Value (ITS)


Our Framework also includes the consideration of Value, Mission and Innovation in aligning teams to prioritize work, focus on value, and deliver results.

Brainstorming Session

Business Agility

Coaching Clients

British American Tobacco Johnson and Johnson

ACT, Inc.

Dept. of Homeland Security

Johns Hopkins University



Fannie Mae





LSB Industries

Minto Group Inc.

Bank of America

Ford Motor Company

Capital One

Coach Enablement Framework.png

Genesis Agile Coaching Services:

  • Lean and Agile Practices

  • SAFe Portfolio, Program and Team Coaching

  • Executive and Agile Leadership Coaching

  • Scrum Master Coaching

  • Kanban Coaching

  • DevOps Coaching

  • Technical Coaching

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