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Business Agility 360

Envision the Future. Enable Teams. Elevate Performance.

An Enterprise must remain viable and adaptive in the world of digital transformations, quick business, value delivery, and ever-changing demands from customers. Genesis knows that introducing Agile by itself into an Enterprise doesn’t scale enough for long term sustainability and cultural change. It won’t provide the company everything that’s needed to realize and achieve its vision.


Genesis has developed a scalable Business Agility 360 Model that has had great success in client transformations. Our approach addresses all levels of agile maturity, and focuses on the mission and objectives of the organization. We work with teams to help them Envision the future state by leveraging an agile approach. We Enable teams by coaching them in key activities that align with agility goals. We work side by side with teams to Elevate their performance to the next level.

Additionally, we target various levels of the organization to transformation activities that are needed to support business agility goals. We need to align leaders around the ways
of working. We engage key roles that are critical to organizing and planning solutions, architecture, and support. We enable teams to deliver products and services to their stakeholders.

Our Business Agility 360 strategy, takes an in-depth approach to transformation that enables our clients to focus on where they want to be, while our coaches meet teams where they are and then guide  them to the Enterprise’s vision of the future.

Genesis Business Agility 360 Approach

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