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Genesis is helping electricity, gas and water companies transform
their business in a digital world.

Genesis Consulting brings deep industry knowledge, world-class capabilities, digital innovation and cutting-edge technology to our clients to enable transformation across the Utility value chain.


The Utilities sector is ever changing in a world where energy efficiency and resource conservation is an increasing demand. Commercial, industrial, and residential consumers are driving fundamental changes in how utility companies must be responsive in their business.


The last decade has provided striking evolution into deregulation, alternative energy sources, and smart metering among many other changing market variables. Utilities are required to constantly advance with these market trends, as well as their growing customer base in order to be competitive and profitable. To succeed in this environment, the need for efficiency, insightful business intelligence, and a system that is flexible to adapt to these changing times is a must.

SAP for Utilities

Implementing and integrating SAP for Utilities is an opportunity to take your utility operations to the next level.


SAP for Utilities helps keep business processes as streamlined and as efficient as possible. As a single software solution, SAP Utilities eliminates incompatible and isolated information in the back office. With SAP Utilities, you can access data at any time from diverse business areas, providing you with the information you need to make the right decisions.


Using expertise gained on some of the largest utilities projects, Genesis offers our customers industrial-size solutions that deliver the full range of functions within SAP’s Industry Solution for Utilities (IS-U).


We can support capabilities that enhance the SAP solution such as:

  • Workflow automation for customer service

  • Better meter reading to improve capacity planning

  • Enterprise Asset Management, including solutions for mobile workers

  • Unique collecting of documentation for billing and invoicing

  • Mobile strategies that enable the workforce to manage information
    and transactions more efficiently.


By leveraging the SAP for Utilities solution, Genesis Consulting can deliver solutions for Electric, Natural Gas, Water, Waste Water companies to include:


  • Financial Operations: Manage addresses and regional structures. Generate schedules for meter reading, budget billing, and billing.

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): Use SAP EAM to track power stations, gas pipelines, electricity cables, substations, and all the related assets for building, maintenance it takes to run a modern utility.


  • Master Data: Genesis will work with each customer to implement integrated solutions for business partners, contracts and contract accounts, connection objects (buildings and real estate) and the premises, installations, and device locations.


  • Device Management: Manage the installations, meter reading, and the certification of all devices for a utility company.


  • Billing: Genesis will implement the billing component for billing the standard divisions: Electricity, gas, water/waste water, district heating, and multimedia services (for example, cable TV).


  • Customer Service: Genesis will set up your Customer Interaction Center (CIC) or Front Office to display all data and start specific business processes. We can also implement the Internet Self-Service so your customers can send you new data or changes to their existing data via the Internet.


  • Energy Data Management: (EDM) is a solution that meets the requirements of interval reading, schedule management, and the billing of interval energy consumption.


  • SAP Waste and Recycling: (IS-U-WA) is a comprehensive logistics, billing, service, and customer service system that covers all the business processes required by a waste disposal company.


Utilities Clients

Birmingham Water Works, AL

Loudoun Water, VA

HydroOne, Toronto, CA

Central Louisiana Electric (CLECO)

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA)

Metropolitan Water, Chicago, IL

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