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Customer Success Story - USDA Finance

Optimizing support operations with SAP solution expertise while reducing response time and improving customer satisfaction.


The Challenge.

The USDA National Finance Center (NFC) is a Shared Service Provider for Financial Management Services and Human Resources Management Services.   They provide services to USDA agencies as well as other Federal organizations.  They process over 5 million financial transactions per year and payroll over 650,000 Federal employees.  The NFC delivers cost-effective, standardized, and inter-operable solutions that provide functionality to support strategic financial management and human resource management operations.   

The USDA implemented the Financial Management Modernization Initiative (FMMI) across the USDA to modernize its financial systems and improve overall financial management performance. FMMI provides online, real-time transaction capabilities. and allows agencies to be more financially accountable and transparent in spending.

The National Finance Center (NFC) provides maintenance and support of the FMMI solution, based in their New Orleans operations center.   The NFC was experiencing a significant number of end user inquiries creating a backlog of issues to be resolved, extending response times, and impacting customer satisfaction. 


The Solution.


Genesis Consulting provided SAP Functional and Technical expertise at the NFC to aid the Customer Service Division to carry out its mission - to support the fielded Financial Management Modernization Initiative (FMMI) locations which include multiple USDA agencies. Services included support to USDA National Finance Center (NFC) and agencies’ users executing transactions in newly deployed FMMI modules and support for FMMI business process implementation in the field.

The Genesis team worked closely with USDA National Finance Center to resolve issues with the FMMI SAP implementation.  During the review of each problem Genesis has worked with USDA to break down and understand the current processes, identify the problems within, identify any requirements gaps, provide available solution options, recommend the optimal solution, and identify steps required to implement the solutions.

The Results.

  • Recommended efficiency improvements in business procedures and system processing for financial transactions and processes

  • Performed initial analysis of high level solution to the 1099 Reporting requirements in FMM.I

  • Interface Development & Error Resolution - improved Accounts Receivable balances, increased efficiency of IPAC and increased accuracy of program reporting

  • Architected solutions for Collection Clearing, Lock Box, Dunning Notices, down payment request, issues with sales orders, printing functionality for bills and FI documents

  • Documented To-Be Design – Formulating the future processes that will be designed with special focus on Weakness/pain point elimination, Organizational structure/changes, Mapping of solutions and systems to processes

  • Leading the Solution Transformation by coordinating with Agencies and Branches with in the NFC

  • Provide detailed information concerning the FMMI Solution approach and the Transformation and Implementation approach for Gaps and technical changes.

  • Reduced the backlog of tickets by 25% and reduced response time by 50%.

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