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Independent Verification and Validation

Solution experts validating the implementation and design of complex solutions to mitigate risk and maximize ROI.

We assess the overall health of your initiatives.


Some times It is important for both private and public sector organizations to find a third party that can conduct independent verification and validation (IV&V) throughout the project life cycle. By reviewing the primary vendor’s deliverables and project management processes, we proactively protect your organization’s interests. Our independence allows us to take an objective view while identifying high-risk areas early in the project so you can mitigate risks and prepare contingencies.

Genesis Consulting is the independent entity that ensures you meet your program objectives. Our IV&V teams work side by side with customer and implementation and development teams to create positive and productive interaction among all project stakeholders, producing a greater exchange of unbiased, standards-based critical information among all parties.

Industry-leading subject-matter expertise

Our solution specialists ensure that test scenarios and test cases reflect the real world of your organization, and our experts validate the system functionality required to meet your business needs. Our IV&V methods keep projects on track, focusing on software quality assurance and rigorous practices for review of artifacts, including requirements, design, planning, and other documents.


Genesis IV&V Services include:

  • Solution Reviews: We bring software, application and development experts to assess the viability and integrity of the developed solutions. We ensure that interfaces between hardware and software are appropriate, and verify the consistency of Design Documents. We ensure that design is accurately reflected in the implementation, and verify that approved standards and practices are followed for coding, documentation, naming, data dictionary terms and algorithm completeness and correctness

  • Implementation Reviews: Our approach provides an ongoing review and analysis of project progress and risks across the system development life cycle. The Genesis IV&V team is on-site continuously to enable in-depth analysis and objective feedback throughout all phases of the project. We monitor risks on an ongoing basis, provides trending analysis and reporting, and conducts deliverable and artifact reviews in real-time. We confirm that the software and interface requirement specifications are consistent with system requirements in a way that is unambiguous, complete, testable (verifiable) and traceable.

  • Independent Testing: Genesis’ testing experts have the know-how to establish effective independent testing strategies, including sampling and other targeted testing approaches, develop thorough plans including test cases, scripts, and expected results, and efficiently execute and report independent testing results.

  • Operations and Maintenance Oversight: Assuring well-managed operations and stable production environments is the objective of Genesis O&M IV&V services. We assess on-going requirements and change management processes; testing, staging, and production environments; monitoring of service-level agreements; and the on-going integration of modular components. We work with our clients to assess, improve, and optimize of the continuous delivery pipeline to achieve DevOps goals.

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