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Enterprise Agility

Our Enterprise Agility services align your Business and IT, 

link opportunities to strategic drivers, and aligns target solutions, and desired outcomes to achieve business performance.

The level of business complexity in today’s world is challenging many companies and organizations to become more responsive and agile to customer needs, reduce costs and empower employees. The challenge is applying enterprise agile transformation throughout the organization to find specific areas where an agile operating model can unlock value.

Today, more than ever, organizations want to maximize the business value,
increase enterprise agility and reduce the complexity of the operative landscape. Increasingly, proactive decision makers look for concepts and technology enabling innovative solutions in order to reach their strategic goals and challenges – with a lowest level of system complexity possible.

Our services enable you to manage increasingly complex environments effectively. They help you adapt rapidly to changing business and IT requirements and ensure that your software infrastructure and applications accurately align with your business strategies and organizational structure.

Agile project teams within a Lean organization provide the IT organization with the ability to be flexible and to respond to a changing business environment. We have successfully transformed organizations from Waterfall to Agile SAP Centers
of Excellence.

Our coaches deliver outcome driven results.


Using Lean and Agile, Genesis is successfully helping our clients increase their team’s productivity, flexibility and efficiency by delivering high-customer-value solutions faster to the business stakeholders. The benefits our customers are able to realize include:

  • Higher productivity: 30% to 60 % improvement in Time to Market

  • Accomplish more with less: Get more from a declining resource base

  • Increased flexibility: Team adapts quickly to changing requirements

  • Improved alignment: Partnership between the Business and IT

  • Increased value: Improved responsiveness to customer needs

  • Energized work force: Greater creativity and innovation

  • Enhanced transparency: Frequent demonstrations of work completed

  • Reduced risk: High risk requirements are resolved first


Genesis Consulting brings to our clients accelerators
and tools including:


Our Enterprise Agile Clients include:

  • Amerisource Bergen

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Orange County Public Schools

  • US Department of Agriculture

  • Coca-Cola

  • Minto Group Inc.

  • QVC

  • US Department of Interior

  • Ford Motor Company

  • Nike

  • British American Tobacco

  • Johnson and Johnson

  • Mercedes Benz

  • Nestle

  • Fannie Mae

  • Dassault Systemes

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