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Genesis CFO Wins International IT Consultancy CFO Award

Richmond, VirginiaJuly 6, 2022Genesis Consulting Chief Financial Officer Cameron Chaplin has been named the Best International IT Consultancy CFO in the United States by Acquisition International Magazine.

Acquisition International, more commonly known as AI, is an international, monthly digital business magazine committed to bringing its readers up to the minute news, comments and analysis. “Behind every great company lies a strong and dynamic Chief Financial Officer,” said AI’s Award Executive Dean Taylor. “At Acquisition International, we are proud to showcase the most talented and visionary CFOs through our annual awards program.”

As part of Genesis’s C-Suite, Cameron is the sort of executive that has no problem rolling up his sleeves and diving head-first into whatever challenge the company may be facing at any given time. He has a background working with various start-ups in a variety of industries which has afforded him a more holistic understanding of business operations and made him acutely aware of the importance of each component to the company’s overall long-term success. He’s not just about the numbers, he’s about regular feedback, intercompany collaboration, adapting to change, and ensuring continuous improvement to adjust and evolve with the times.

Cameron has his hands in many other aspects of Genesis’s operations. For instance, he implemented Genesis’s latest ERP solution for Government contractors and has worked to overhaul and integrate the firm’s pipeline management and CRM systems. He has also optimized the firm’s ATS and talent acquisition processes and established a slew of new KPIs and dashboards to monitor and ensure the effectiveness of Genesis’s most important function, which Cameron says is, “all about finding and hiring amazing, brilliant, and talented people. That’s almost exclusively what makes a business successful.” And his focus has not only been to attract top-tier talent, but also to retain them. As such, Cameron is constantly committed to ensuring that Genesis maintains best-in-class benefits offerings, compensation packages, and employment practices.

Outside of the more conventional CFO duties, Cameron also established and maintains Genesis’s Security Program, acts as the Facility Security Officer (FSO) and Insider Threat Program Senior Official (ITPSO). He oversees the company’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) compliance and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Cameron also serves as Genesis’s ISO 9001 quality Management Representative and implemented and manages the firm’s Quality Management System (QMS).

Overall, Cameron has been instrumental in Genesis’ growth around the globe, including opportunities in Canada, Latin America, and Europe. His ability to remain agile and find effective and compliant ways to deliver globally and meet clients’ evolving needs has strengthened relationships. This continues to enable Genesis to benefit from its presence in new markets within both the USA and abroad.

About Genesis Consulting Partners, LLC

Genesis is a SWaM certified small business headquartered in Richmond, VA with offices in Reston, VA, Washington, D.C., and São Paulo, Brazil, with employees located globally. Genesis offers training and consulting services in the areas of Business Agility, Digital Transformation, and Advisory Services. Genesis areas of expertise include Lean, Agile, SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, Lean Portfolio Management, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud and Software Development, which are complemented by implementation and system integration services related to SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Infor, and Pega. Genesis also specializes in Organization Change Management, Data Management, Business Process Management, Project Management, IT Strategy, and Independent Verification & Validation.


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