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"We cannot solve problems with

the kind of thinking we employed

when we came up with them."

― Albert Einstein.

Mark Block

SAP Concur Delivery Lead

Mark Block is the SAP Concur Delivery Lead at Genesis Consulting. Mark is a multi-skilled Engagement Delivery professional with extensive hands-on and leadership experience in the Solution Delivery areas of design, configuration, and implementation with additional experience helping companies design and implement business processes for Shared Service centers.  His experience includes working with diverse Global clients such as in Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Retail, and Technology Services.


Mark is known for using his diverse and versatile leadership skills with Concur Engagements, helping companies deploy the Concur Product suite of Expense, Travel, and Invoice, with robust experience in related solutions around card selection & implementation as well as Pcard & Accounts Payable projects to reduce cost, complexity, and of project solutions as well as increase employee satisfaction.

Mark has over 20 years of experience in delivering complex technology solutions.  Prior to joining Genesis he was a leader in Global engagements in areas such as ITSM, Software License Management, and Lease Accounting prior to his focus on Concur.  He has worked with private sector clients as well as multiple Government agencies such as Dept of Education, SSA/IRS, PBGC, and Dept of Defense.  His background has focused on Solution Delivery with roles such as Requirements Lead, Business Solutions Consultant, and Engagement Lead.

Mark is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kansas and a Master of Business Administration from Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas.

Mark lives in the Kansas City, Mo area and spends time with his wife, Jennifer, and their 3 grown children.  He enjoys outdoors activities, travel, and has recently started scuba diving. 

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