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"The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light."  ― Matthew 6:22

Gabrielle Menezes

Administrative Assistant

Gabrielle began her career at Genesis Consulting in 2023 as a LATAM Administrative Analyst, where her remarkable impact is driven by her profound understanding of a diverse array of cultures and business processes. Her venture into the international job market started at the age of 18, when she embarked on her first internship as part of her Bachelor's degree in Accounting.


Her professional trajectory stands out for large companies such as Mazars and Assurant, catering to numerous national and international clients from diverse sectors such as sports journalism, stock market investments, training, insurance, digital and automotive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, to television production. This diverse exposure has equipped Gabrielle with a proficiency across varied industries and corporate cultures, encompassing essential areas like revenue generation, import-export operations, currency exchange, finance, controller, accounting, taxation, and human resources.


Apart from her professional life, Gabrielle is a music enthusiast, naturally gifted. In her spare time, she is very fond of playing the guitar and singing. Her inquisitive mind extends to realms of psychology and even canine education. Compassion for animals is central to her values, and she dedicates time to their welfare, values she learned from her father from an early age. She cherishes the companionship of her dog and family. Gabrielle is passionate about travelling, especially beaches because it makes her feel connected with nature, God and inner self.

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