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Provide vetted and qualified staff rendering information technology services for the Florida Department of Management Services


Contract Number: 80101507-22-STC-ITSA

Expiration Date: October 1, 2023

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On September 1, 2020, Genesis was awarded a multi-year contract with the State of Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) to provide Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services. Genesis will provide customers vetted, qualified staff with sufficient skill and experience to render information technology services identified by the State of Florida DMS. Genesis will also adhere to ongoing performance measures via quarterly contractor performance review. Our staff selection process includes defining the organization chart and the key positions and leadership roles that are important to project completion. This process and alignment incorporates many high-level features and benefits by:

  • Integrating our team into a defined governance structure to increase our collaboration with government project personnel and our team’s status reporting requirements.

  • Establishing accountability by organizational area and creating a link between the work breakdown structure (WBS), project work plan, and deliverables. This alignment clearly defines ownership for the identified tasks and deliverables in the Statement of Work at the task order level allowing for greater control and accountability.

  • Giving Genesis responsibility for our resources and contractual delivery obligations. This will provide the State with a single, accountable point of contact.

  • Enabling the transition of knowledge from the Genesis Team members to the customer.


Capabilities and Services:


Services provided under this contract include:

  • Develop and confirm duties and requirements for job descriptions

  • Identify candidates and perform technical screenings with subject matter experts

  • Perform consultant onboarding, orientation and training

  • Perform ongoing management and quality control of consultants in the field

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