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“Sweat the small stuff.  Without letting anyone see you sweat.”

– Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

Ryan Chadwick

Senior DevSecOps Engineer

Ryan D Chadwick is a software engineer turned process and efficiency enthusiast.  His role with Genesis enables project teams to find solutions and make change using metrics driven decision making.  He has a well-rounded skill set in automation, software delivery pipelines, security and compliance, and cloud infrastructure.  His capability of helping teams identify bottlenecks and potential improvements through careful analysis and clear action allows Genesis’ clients to reach new heights of software quality.


Ryan has 11 years of experience as a full stack Software Engineer and 7 of those years specializing in DevSecOps and agile practices.  He has helped implement change control practices, lead Lean Agile Centers of Excellence (LACE), and create Communities of Practice (CoP) around DevSecOps principles.  Ryan has also helped organizations achieve ISO 9001, CMMI Level 3, and HITRUST CSF certifications through documentation of controls and compliance at enterprise scale.


He has worked on many projects in Electronic Health Systems by supporting continued development, site and service reliability, infrastructure, and business continuity.  These systems include Medicare and Medicaid billing, Waiver Management Systems, and CMS projects.  This has granted him well-honed knowledge in best practices when protecting PHI, PII and other sensitive data while also serving a flexible development environment.  Working closely with Executive and Business leadership, he helped to guide the creation of an architectural runway to bring all the above into a single COTS SaaS product family.


Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science from Rochester Institute of Technology in Software Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.  He is a SCRUM Alliance Certified SCRUM Master and a SAFe Certified Practitioner.


Ryan lives in Baltimore, Maryland and enjoys various hobbies.  He primarily spends leisure time painting miniatures, playing board games with friends, and crafting adventures for his regular D&D campaign as it’s Dungeon Master.

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